Natura Contemporary Theatre Company

The Natura Contemporary Theatre Company was founded by its artistic director Caroline Summerfield in 2017. Listed below are the professional actors with whom we have worked with over the years. We specialise in radio and stage plays, producing our stage plays for small theatres and non-traditional theatre spaces such as museums and country houses. Our aim is to bring new writing through a writer-led theatre company to audiences in the Southwest and the West Midlands. Throughout COVID-19 we produced a significant amount of radio drama, broadcasted nationally and specifically accessible to listeners in our hospitals and care homes. Thank you to all of our actors who have made this possible through their hard work and dedication to our productions.

We continue to believe in making writer-led theatre accessible to all, bringing the urban to the rural and the rural to the urban.

Production packs are available for all of our plays which range from solo plays up to casts of six actors.

The Gardening Times – Comedy (available as a stage play and in multiple radio episodes)

Jane Austen and The Cheltonians – Drama (available as a stage play and radio play)

The Tree Charter Tapestry – History (available as a stage play)

Myself and Other Parts – Comedy (available as a stage play and radio play)

An Honest Politician – Comedy/History (available as a stage play)

Chasing Ibsen – Drama (available as a stage play)

Dead Girl Walking – Political Drama (available as a stage play and as a radio play)

Prophecy – Political Drama (available as a stage play)

Cycle of the White Rose – History (available as a stage play)

The French Cook – History (available as a stage play)

Letters of Junius – History (available as a stage play and as a novel)

The Whitby Tutt – History (available as a stage play)

The Manuscript – Comedy (available as a stage play)

Ellie Darvill (428x640).jpg                        David Lloyd                  Billhonestpolitician.jpg

    Ellie Darvill                                       David Lloyd                               Bill Cronshaw

Abigail Halley (1).jpg                       Professional.Headshot-LynnThomas.jpg                1622475.jpg

     Abigail Halley                                   Lynn Thomas                            Stephan Bessant

$RG7KWIQ.jpg                          John Martin Stevens.jpg          DSC_8408 copy (1).jpg

      Mark Topping                                   John Martin Stevens         Aidan Mosby              

1400256.jpg                             F00192299-0114 (v2)

Charlotte E Tayler                                Gabriella Shillingford    


Cathy Conneff                                    Steve Connolly




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